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    José Brilha

    Associate Professor with Habilitation at the Earth Sciences Department of the University of Minho. Director of the Master Course on Geological Heritage and Geoconservation (2005-2014) and Visiting Researcher at the University of São Paulo, Brazil (2012-2015).

    Member of the Advisory Group of the Global Geoparks Network (UNESCO), President of ProGEO (European Association for the Conservation of the Geological Heritage), member of the IUGS Geoheritage Task Group, and of the Advisory Board of the Geoheritage Institute of Middle East (Iran). Member of the National Committee for Geosciences of the IGCP-UNESCO (2012-2014) and of the Portuguese Forum of Geoparks (2012-2014). Editor of the Springer’s international journal Geoheritage (2009-2012). Develops work in basic and applied research in the area of geoconservation in Portugal and abroad.
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    Diamantino Manuel Ínsua Pereira

    Associate Professor with Habilitation at the Earth Sciences Department of the University of Minho and Scientific Coordinator of the Terras de Cavaleiros UNESCO Global Geopark.
    Member of the National Committee for the International Geoscience Programme IGCP-UNESCO, President of the Portuguese Association of Geomorphologists (2007-2009) and Vice President during 2005-2007. Teaches the courses of Regional Geology (Bachelor), Relief and Landscape Evolution, Depositional Environments, Protected Areas and Land-use Planning, Geotourism and Geoparks (master). Has participated in eleven funded research projects, supervised 2 post-doc scholarships, 8 doctoral theses and 18 master theses. Director of the Earth Sciences Department 2004-2005 and 2011-2013. Director of the Master Degree in Environmental Sciences (2006 and 2009), of the Degree in Geology (2001) and of the Biology and Geology Teachers Training (2002 and 2004).
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    Paulo Pereira

    Graduation in Geography and Planning (2000) and PhD in Geology (2007). Visiting assistant professor at the Open University (2007-2008) and at the University of Minho (since -).
    Current research areas: geomorphology and geoconservation. Teaching experience with bachelor, master and PhD courses in these domains. Author of about 70 scientific publications and about 80 communications in national and international scientific events.