​​​​​​​Module 1 – General concepts
- Geodiversity, its values and threats.
- Geological heritage, geosite, geodiversity site, and geoconservation.
- Types of geological sites.
- Geoconservation and society.
- What is geotourism, when it started and where it can be implemented.
- Who works in geotourism and strategies for the development of a geotourism project.
- Values or geotourism resources.
- What is a geopark, the first geoparks and geopark networks.
- The objectives of geoparks, why geoparks, strategies of geoparks, geoparks and protected areas, management of geoparks.

Module 2 – Structures and strategies of geoparks 
- Importance of geoconservation in geoparks.
- Examples of geoconservation in geoparks.
- Identification and evaluation of the tourist value of geosites and other sites; identification, evaluation and integration of hotel, restaurant and other hospitalities services in the geopark model; training, promotion and advertising of geoparks.
- Examples of tourist activities in geoparks, interpretation resources and safety codes for visitors in geoparks.
- Importance of educational actions in geoparks.
- Formal and informal educational actions.
- Examples of management structures of geoparks and bases for their operation.

Module 3 – Geoparks as a tool for sustainable development
- Examples from different geoparks covering their management strategies and impacts in the territory.

Module 4 – The International Geosciences and Geoparks Programme of UNESCO
​- Origin and evolution of geoparks.
- Evolution of the Global Geoparks Network.
- International Geosciences and Geoparks Programme of UNESCO
- Requirements to became a UNESCO Global Geopark.​